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A healthy weight is important to avoid adding pressure and stress to bones, muscles, and veins.

Strong Circulation is the Key to Excellent Health

Taking steps and building habits that improve circulation is the key to lifelong great healthy due to the multitude of benefits. Most people are tired of hearing doctors recommend regular exercise. It often seems like exercise if the answer to everything, and it is. Some benefits are obvious while others are lesser known.

A Healthy Weight

Exercise is essential to maintaining a healthy weight. People can eat healthy, get plenty of sleep, try fad diets, and take as many supplements as they desire. The efforts will not be successful without regular exercise. Exercise is what burns fat cells, not pills, pickle juice, or excessive amounts of pineapple.

A healthy weight is important to avoid adding pressure and stress to bones, muscles, and veins. The heart is not overworked, circulation is strong enough to push blood throughout the entire body, and the body is in balance. Obesity leads to such chronic and dangerous conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, respiratory issues, and poor circulation.


Complications of a Sedentary Lifestyle

Depression, fatigue, lack of concentration, loss of memory, and limited mobility are complications of a lack of exercise. Skin rashes, wrinkles, more colds and flu, and Varicose Veins are also seen more in people who do not exercise. Poor circulation effects every bodily function and system.


Drinking plenty of water while exercising is critical. The body must be hydrated to pump blood, regenerate skin cells, and promote the ability for the body to absorb vitamins and produce collagen. Oxygen gives skin a youthful glow and collagen delays the appearance of lines and wrinkles. The combination of hydration and exercise also promotes restful sleep and releases stress and tension.

Save Money

Healthy habits will save people money on medical expenses, anti-aging products and procedures, and vices. Smoking and drinking have adverse effects on circulation, as do recreational drugs and caffeine. Avoiding these behaviors will also save money and aid in strong circulation. Exercise does not have to be strenuous or expensive.

Go for a Walk

No gym membership or even home equipment is required. Exercise only has to be consistent and raise the heart rate to be effective. A walk in the evening or during lunch hour is perfect. Work exercises into house cleaning. Move the hips as you move a mop. Put the laundry basket on the floor and bend and stretch while picking up each item to be folded. A little creativity will make exercising fun as well as beneficial.